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Harvest Inn Wedding DJ | Napa Wedding DJ

Hello there! Here are a few photos from one of our recent events at the Harvest Inn in St. Helena, CA. The Harvest Inn is an awesome Wine Country wedding venue, with numerous outdoor areas available for use as well as an indoor space where dancing takes place.

Here's the outdoor wedding ceremony area at Harvest Inn with an awesome view of the Napa Valley:

Harvest Inn DJ

Here's one angle capturing the outdoor dinner patio at the Harvest Inn:

Napa Wedding DJ

Here's a reverse angle of the patio:

Napa DJ

Finally, here's the indoor room where dancing takes place and where the main DJ station is set up:

Napa DJ wedding

Here are a few more shots of the Harvest Inn wedding patio:

Napa Wedding DJ

Napa DJ Harvest Inn

Napa Wedding DJ Harvest Inn

Please contact us at for more info on the Harvest Inn!


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