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Here are a few YouTube videos that show DJ Jeremy and his associates live in the mix. Please note that all of these video show at least one transition (in other words, the "mix") between songs so our clients can get a real-time sense of how we present our music to a crowd!


From our viewpoint (and we hope you agree!), its pointless to post up videos for our potential clients to preview unless they show us actually mixing between two songs!


Please keep in mind the music in these videos is 100% reflective of what our clients wanted to hear on those particular nights - while many of these videos contain Top 40 and Hip Hop, we are just as comfortable playing genres such as Motown or Classic Rock. As a general practice, we stay away from "cheesy" wedding songs like YMCA or Love Shack UNLESS our clients request them, but as you can see from the Julia Morgan Ballroom video, we're 100% happy to play those types of tunes if our clients would like us to!

DJ Jeremy @ The Craneway Pavilion Pt. 1 - April 2013

DJ Jeremy @ Sequoyah Country Club 2018

DJ Aaron Jacobson @ General's Residence Wedding

Fall 2015

DJ Aaron Jacobson @ General's Residence Wedding

Fall 2015

DJ Jeremy @ Sound Factory SF - December 2012

DJ Jeremy @ Livemore Wedding 2010

DJ Jeremy @ Craneway Pavilion Part 2 - April 2013

DJ Jeremy @ SFMOMA for the Instagram 2018 Holiday Party

DJ Jeremy @ the Instagram 2018 Holiday Party

DJ Jeremy @ Julia Morgan Ballroom 2015

DJ Jeremy @ Metreon SF - April 2014

DJ Jeremy @ an 2018 Outdoor Art Club Wedding in Mill Valley, CA

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