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Trentadue Wedding DJ | Sonoma Wedding DJ


Here are a few photos from a recent wedding at Trentadue Winery in Geyserville, CA. This was an all outdoor wedding that utilized multiple locations on the Trentadue property to host the wedding. If you are looking for a Sonoma wedding DJ to help out with your Trentadue wedding, we are super familiar with the venue!

Trentadue ceremony setup on the North Lawn:

Trentadue wedding ceremony DJ

Wedding DJ setup in the South Arbor at Trentadue:

Sonoma DJ Trentadue South Arbor

Dinner seating at the Trentadue Grape Arbor:

Trentadue Grape Arbor Dinner photo

Another shot of our DJ setup in the South Arbor at Trentadue:

Trentadue DJ South Arbor dancing


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