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San Francisco Zoom Wedding | Bay Area Zoom Wedding


Given the limitations on having socially distanced wedding gatherings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we've recently begun to offer on site Zoom wedding ceremony services as well as livestream coverage for reception speeches / toasts here in the San Francisco Bay Area. This allows remote guests to watch the livestream video and feel like they are actually present at the wedding ceremony or reception while not missing out on the festivities!

Unlike some of the self-service Zoom packages you might find advertising on the internet that basically coach you on how to use your iPhone to stream the wedding, we come to your site with a professional camera, tripod, array of wireless microphones, and most importantly, someone to manage it all. You can sit back and enjoy the wedding knowing we have it all covered for you!

Here's a video highlighting one of our recent Bay Area Zoom wedding ceremony coverage packages - you can see we had several live musicians connected via microphone along with wireless microphones for the officiant, bride / groom, and the ceremony reader. This is a much more polished product than what you can get from a guest holding up a phone or iPad and attempting to "Zoom" the event and the audio is a million times better than what a phone or iPad setup can achieve.

Feel free to contact us if this is a service you are interested in!!!


Zoom Wedding San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Zoom Ceremony Wedding

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