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Brazilian Room String Lighting | Brazilian Room Weddings

Here are a few recent photos of our Brazilian Room string light setups. We provide string lighting for both outdoor patio lighting, as well as inside the Brazilian Room itself for inside string lighting. We pride ourselves on offering an aesthetically pleasing string lighting setup, and we'd love to help you out with any of your Brazil Room lighting needs (including uplighting!).

Enjoy the photos!

Here's a shot of a Brazilian Room wedding ceremony, dressed up with a patio string light array we provided:

Brazilian Room patio string lighting lights

Here's another shot of the patio string lighting from the other side of the ceremony setup on the patio:

Brazilian Room outdoor lighting

Here's a photo of one of our indoor string lighting setups at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. For this event, the ceremony was moved indoors because of rain - if you were curious what the room looks like when set up for an indoor ceremony.

Brazilian Room indoor string lighting

Here's another indoor string lighting wedding photo:

Brazilian Room indoor string lights

Finally, here's another shot of the lighting on the outdoor patio:

Brazilian Room market lighting bistro lights

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