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Brazilian Room Wedding Photos | Lighting | Photo Booth | September 2019


Here are a few shots from a recent Brazilian Room wedding where we provided the DJ services, a photo booth, outdoor string lighting, and also indoor uplighting.

We pride ourselves on having sleek, updated equipment, and wanted to share these photos for our prospective Brazilian Room clients who would like to see exactly what our setups look like. Please let us know if you have any questions about the Brazilian Room...we work there all the time and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this amazing venue!

Here's a shot of the patio set up for a ceremony with one of our string lighting arrays installed. Please have a look at the aesthetics of our setup - we try to make our lighting stands fit in perfectly with the surroundings!

Brazilian Room wedding string lights lighting

Here's a shot of the Brazilian Room patio string lights after dark:

Brazilian Room string lights bistro lights

Here's a room shot of the interior of the Brazilian Room with an amber uplighting package we installed - you can also see our DJ setup here, which we try to fit into the scene without it being an eyesore:

Brazilian Room wedding uplights

Here's a shot of one of our Brazilian Room photo booth setups - for this event, we used one of our really cool 3D print backdrops to keep with the string light theme:

Brazilian Room wedding photo booth

Here's a wide shot that shows our full Brazilian Room photobooth setup. Please note how we use a sleek, modern T11 booth enclosure to minimize the "bulk" of the photo booth. The Brazilian Room is a compact space, and there isn't a lot of spare room. Many companies bring in a huge "box" booth (the ones that look like a huge storage trunk standing on end!) which ends up being an eyesore. If you are considering booking a Brazilian Room photo booth for your wedding, make sure you request setup photos so you can see what it will look like in the space! :)

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