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San Francisco DJ | DJ Jeremy Productions | Holiday Season 2018 Photo Update!

Here are a few photos we rounded up from our pre-Christmas holiday season parties and wedding events that we handled this December. Enjoy!

DJ Jeremy at the Instagram 2018 holiday party at the SFMOMA on 12/14/18:

Bay Area DJ Jeremy Productions San Francisco

DJ Jeremy at Harlot San Francisco on 12/10/18 :

San Francisco DJ

Uplights and gobos we provided at The University Club Of San Francisco for a 12/1/18 wedding covered by DJ Cyrus:

University Club San Francisco Uplights Lighting Wedding

San Francisco DJ Jeremy's DJ booth at the Instagram holiday party on 12.14.18 at SFMOMA:

SFMOMA San Francisco Sonoma DJ

San Francisco DJ Dance party at the SFMOMA on 12.14.18:

Livermore DJ Livermore wedding DJ

San Francisco DJ Collin Peacock at San Francisco City Hall on 12/5/18 for one of our events:

Bay Area DJ Collin Peacock

Google Holiday event handled by DJ Jeremy on the Hotel VIA San Francisco rooftop patio on 12.13.18:

Hotel VIA event wedding DJ San Francisco

San Francisco DJ Jeremy @ The Chapel San Francisco on 12/6/18 for a holiday event:

DJ San Francisco DJ Jeremy

Our uplighting and DJ setup at a San Francisco Lyft holiday party on 12/1/18 covered by DJ Collin Peacock:

Sonoma DJ Healdsburg DJ Napa DJ

A shot of the Rotunda from our 12/5/18 San Francisco City Hall holiday DJ event:

San Francisco DJ City Hall Wedding Event Lighting

Another shot of DJ Jeremy at The Chapel San Francisco on 12/6/18

Livermore DJ Jeremy Productions

A shot of our uplighting setup at a second University Club of San Francisco holiday wedding we handled on 12/8/18

University Club wedding lighting DJ

Here's a shot of an event we handled on 12.12.18 at 25Lusk in San Francisco which we had DJ Aaron Jacobson out to cover. We provided the branding logo projection you see in the photo:

Sonoma DJ Jeremy Productions

Our T20 photo booth set up at 25Lusk on 12.12.18:

San Francisco photo booth photobooth rental DJ

12.6.18 South Light Court DJ setup at San Francisco City Hall:

San Francisco City Hall Wedding DJ

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