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San Francisco Bay Area Zoom Live Stream Virtual Weddings

San Francisco Bay Area Zoom Wedding Virt

Hello there! If you are looking for a one stop shop for your San Francisco Bay Area Zoom wedding needs, we are here to help! We now offer all inclusive Zoom Virtual livestream wedding packages that include:

- professional DSLR livestream cameras (no cheap webcams or smartphones!)

- fluid, active camera coverage of all the wedding action (vs a simple fixed camera with one set angle)

- backup streams (we stream through two streaming platforms to ensure there's a backup stream!)

- professional audio captured by multiple wireless microphones and patched into the livestream so guests have pristine audio to listen to

- a recording of the actual streaming session as well as an HD video recording just in case there are any network issues (so you'll have multiple recorded hard copies of your Zoom wedding!)

Here are a few sample videos from our past Zoom weddings so you can get a sense of what we can provide - we share these to give a realistic perspective of what you can accomplish via virtual Zoom streaming. Many companies claiming to offer this service show nothing but stock photos and no real samples of their work...if you are hiring a company to stream your event, be sure to ask for some similar "real world" Zoom streaming examples!

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