DJ Jeremy Productions is a San Francisco Wedding DJ Service. This page highlights both live and demo DJ mixes created by DJ Jeremy.

Demo Mixes...

Please feel free to scroll through the list of both live (DJ mixes that were recorded in "real time" at actual events) and demo mixes contained in the Web Player located at the top of this page, or click on one of our currently featured Soundcloud mixes below.

All of the mixes featured on or linked to from this page are original works created by DJ Jeremy and are being offered for promotional purposes only. Use or redistribution of these mixes for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Listening to these mixes will provide an illustration of how the music will be presented at your event: a non-stop, and in many cases carefully beat-matched flow that keeps the energy up and your guests dancing!

When considering hiring a DJ, its always an absolute must to listen to his or her demo mixes, as these mixes are a clear illustration of their skill level. You should definitely be suspicious when a supposedly professional DJ can't (or won't!) offer a demo for you to preview.

Some DJs you speak to may argue that a "demo" mix means nothing, and that live mixing is all that matters. Thus, in addition to posting up studio demo mixes, we make a point to frequently record mixes LIVE at our various events so clients can sample real-time mixes from past events we've handled - below you will find a Soundcloud player which contains a selection of live mix recordings that you may preview. In addition, please feel free to check out our VIDEO PAGE (hosted on our blog) - we also offer live "in the mix" video footage for clients to preview.

If you are in the process of searching for a DJ, its worth noting that many of the "DJ Services" you'll come across simply hire someone off of Craigslist for $15-$25 an hour, teach them a few cheesy wedding games, hand them an IPod, and send them out to your event! Ask for a demo to protect yourself from these pretenders!

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